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As a community, we are tired of wasting time, and waiting hours to enjoy the tennis courts at Margaret Pace Park.

We are also tired of conflicts that arise between fellow members of the community, or when we can’t properly assess the amount of time we have spent on the courts, or others can't either. So, we, as members of the Edgewater community, created this platform to create certainty in reserving the tennis courts at Margaret Pace Park. Accordingly, please support your fellow community members by utilizing this platform, and honoring your court reservations. Together, lets ensure we can have a better working community, and preserve our, and each other's, valuable time.

  • Please use proper tennis etiquette at all times.
  • Reservations are limited to one hour per group.
  • Reservations are limited to bookings within a 48 hour period. These are public courts, so we aim to encourage all community members to have the opportunity to reserve + play!
  • Fill out all portions of the reservation board. It's simple. Full name, cell phone number, and email. That way, there is no confusion who has the court.
  • If you realize that you can’t honor your reservation, please cancel as soon as possible! There are others that would love to have your slot!
  • Players that are 15 minutes late, forfeit their reservation. A player that comes across a court that is not in use, subsequent to this time, needs to reserve on this platform, so there is no conflict with a player that books the open slot on the site.
  • A record of reservation “No Shows” reported will be kept. Repeat offenders will be faced with suspension of their tennis privileges.
  • Please help keep courts clean.
  • Children under Eight (8) Years of age require adult supervision.
  • Respect your fellow players, and community members, and have fun!

Hours + Location

Monday - Sunday

7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Margaret Pace Park

1745 N Bayshore Dr.

Miami, Florida 33132

Court Details

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If you experience technical issues, or need support with your online reservation, please call or text us at (305) 209-1232